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Access Map

Access Map (by Car)

  • Route Map (from Yokohama IC or Machida IC,TOMEI-Highway)
  • Route Map (from Atsugi IC,TOMEI-Highway)

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Access Map (by Train)

from Shinjyuku
Express Odakyu-Line for Enoshima/Odawara, Transfer tolocal-train at Machida St.and Get off at Sobudaimae St.
from Yokohama
Express Sotetsu-Line for Ebina, Transfer to local-train at Ebina St. for Shinjyuku, Odakyu-Line and Get off at Sobudaimae St.
from Hachioji
JR Yokohama-Line, Transfer at Machida St. for local-train of Odakyu-Line for Odawara, and Get off at Sobudaimae St.
from Odawara
Express Odakyu-Line for Shinjyuku , Transfer to local-train at Ebina ,and Get off at Sobudaimae St.

Nearby Map

Nearby Map

Nearby Map

Road-Route Guide
  • 1. Get off at Sobudaimae-St.,Odakyu-Line; Local or Semi-Express Only,
  • 2.Only-One Ticket-Gate; Turn to Right and Step down Stairs
  • 3.Right-Side, Going Back 3 minutes' Walk to Shinjyuku-Direction along Odakyu-OX Super-Store ("Gyoko-Road")
  • 4.Passing Flower-Shop, Chinese&Sushi-Restaurant and turn to Right
  • 5.Cross the Railway Crossing, and turn to Left. Along Hair Salon & Japanese-Style Pub, after 0.5Km-Walking , will reach to the Main Gate ,NIDEC TOSOK CORPORTION.

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