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Automobile Parts Business

From Precise Functinal Parts To System Control Units Provide Precise Parts & System-Units

Automobile technologies are experiencing rapid systemization and modularization and the control components supporting this trend also must rely on cutting edge technologies. For years TOSOK has been developing precision technologies for the production of gauges and technologies supporting the systemization of mechatronics parts, and we have a wealth of experience in jointly developing products with automobile and unit manufacturers. Based on these experiences, we are able to develop control valve bodies, control solenoid valves and spool valves that are at the heart of Automatic Transmissions (AT) and Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). Our factories in Vietnam, which serve as our global production base, are ready to promptly meet the diverse and sophisticated needs of customers around the world.
TOSOK decided to construct a new plant in China which can deliver efficiently the products to customers in China.
Proceeding the preparation for start operation in 2011.

Automobile Parts Division

System Equipment Business

From Measurement Machineries to assist Manufacturing , To Manufacturing System Units & Quality- Control Testing Machineries Provide Diverse Solutions to innovate in Production Circumstance

Our System Eqvipment Business has been refining our technologies in the precision measuring field while developing new elemental technologies. As a result, we are able to release many new propos-al-type products. We are involved in a technical revolution for measuring equipments by developing high value-added products that spur on the development of air micrometer and image process-ing technologies, two fields where we are particularly strong. At our domestic and overseas (China) production bases we are con-structing production systems based on advanced processing tech-nologies in order to better respond to the varied needs of our cus-tomers. In this manner we are aiming for even further advancement by creating a quick-responding business that skillfully integrates its production, sales and technical aspects in to one entity.

System Equipment Division

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