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Company Profile We provide Highly-Precise Solutions that help evolution of automobile and manufacture.

Precision technologies are helping to realize a revolutionary shift from the "sub-micron" level to the "nano" level. For many years TOSOK has been providing products in these areas,helping to spur on the evolution of precision technologies in such fields as processing and measurement. We will continue refining these high-precision technologies and making various proposals to support the manufacturing operations of our valued.

Top Message

Messages from Chairman Hiroyuki Yoshimoto and President Noboru Kaneko.

Corporate Directory

General Information about our Company.

Corporate History

Company History from establishment of our company's predecessor, Tokyo Sokuhan Co., Ltd., to today.

Nidec Group's Corporate Slogan

Introduction of the corporate statement of the NIDEC Group that our company is affiliated with.

Corporate Philosophy

Introduction of our corporate philosophy "Gauging Mind".

Business Outline

Introduction of our business expanded by three core technologies of Measuring, Control , and Processing.

Global Network

Introduction of our domestic and overseas business locations.

Access Map

Transportation to the Head Office.

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