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Relentlessly taking on all challenges to reach the top "TOSOK is rapidly expanding its business across the world."

Since the founding of Nidec we have consistently embraced three key Spirits of "Passion, Enthusiasm and Tenacity", "Intelligent Hard Working" and "Do it now ! Complete the job ! Follow through !". These Spirits define the identity and the strengths of the Nidec group.

We will continue to make even better products while expanding the group's network and harnessing synergies through mutual cooperation within the group. Through these efforts ,we are aiming for fuether development.

TOSOK, which is playing a key role in achieving these goals, has completed its new Head Office / Technical Center. This puts us in a better position to further improve the advanced technologies we have developed, expand our global production capabilities and continue to develop new products. In this manner we will continue striving to satisfy our customers.

TOSOK has continued to pursue the highest degree of precision and reliability by combining precision and cutting edge technologies. This has allowed us to provide unique products in a wide range of fields such as mass-produced automobile parts, excellent semiconductor manufacturing equipments and measuring equipments.

We are now raising the based on our in-house technologies developed for many years innovatively,and challenging in new business fields aggressively. We are also promoting further globalization by expanding our overseas production and sales bases.

We have set very ambitious goals and are working hard to reach these goals and further develop our business. We want to continuously strive to meet new challenges and develop our company as a "TOSOK" that contributes to society and provides satisfaction for our customers.
Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

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