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NIDEC Group's Corporate Slogan

NIDEC Corporation has announced on April 1, 2007 its corporate slogan, "All for dreams" and its corporate statement expressing the value that Nidec offers to its stakeholders.

Under the corporate slogan, "All for dreams," employees in all Group companies are united to enhance Nidec's corporate values built on spirit of challenge, growth, and strength.

Corporate Slogan

Nidec All for dreams

Nidec logo is a registered trademark or a trademark of Nidec Corporation in Japan, the United States and/or certain other countries.
"All for dreams" logo is a registered trademark or a trademark of Nidec Corporation in Japan, the United States, China and/or certain other countries.

Corporate Statement

We begin with dreams.
Dreams drive our motivation.Dreams are our future.
The world's dreams, people's dreams, our dreams.
Our passion creates ideas that make dreams come alive.
Technology and products that were only dreams become reality. 

All for dreams challenge and the Nidec-Group 
will continue to meet the challenge.
For the world's and people's tomorrows,
The world's first, the world's best technologies and products,
We will continue our part in creating a better society.

Design of the Corporate Slogan

All for dreams

The corporate slogan, "All for dreams," is an exteriorized image of Nidec Group's corporate statement, and intended to be used with all Nidec Group companies' names.

The element used in letter A in the word "All" is nicknamed "Dream Horizon," and expresses the "realization of dreams" by Nidec Group and the "moment" when the passion and ideas to create something new are born.

This Dream Horizon shows the unification of Nidec Group companies' power and its determination to take on challenges for the present and future of people in the world.

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