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Privacy Policy

Basic Attitude for Personal Information Protection

Our TOSOK Web site ( is managed for the purpose of providing information about TOSOK and achieving interactive communications with its users. Most pages are accessible without providing personal information. However, please note and consent that users might be required to provide TOSOK with user's personal information and TOSOK might use such information to the extent necessary for interactive communications. For example, a user may be required to provide TOSOK with users' personal information to be identified such as name,address,e-mail address,telephone & fax number,sex,birthday, profession, and hobbies for TOSOK to reply to customer's inquiries or opinions.

On demand for revision of personal information provided on our TOSOK Web site by users, TOSOK recognize of the importance of personal information provided by users,and will carefully maintain and revise the information as accurately and timely as possible.

TOSOK shall not disclose or provide to any third parties any personal information provided on the TOSOK Web site by users without users' previous consent, however, with exception of the following cases :

  • in case that a user agrees to provide or disclose the personal information.
  • in case that a provision or disclosure of the information is required by the applicable laws and regulations.
  • If necessary to operate our company-site, TOSOK may disclose or provide the personal information to contractors only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes for which the information is provided. In such case,TOSOK will obligate,via contracts and otherwise,TOSOK's contactors to never leak personal information,use it for other purposes than as stipulated herein or resubmit it. TOSOK will have such contrators implement appropriate management similar that of TOSOK.

Any Inquiries about Products

As for any personal information provided by users,TOSOK will record and maintain most carefully, and use it only for replying to it's users. TOSOK shall not disclose or provide to any third parties any personal information provided on the TOSOK web site by users or shall not use it for other purposes, without users' previous consent.


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Privacy Policy