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The NIDEC TOSOK are looking for a supplier offering the following components


Automobile Parts Business

Classification Purchasing Parts
Cutting PartsCutting partsAluminum / Carbon steel / Pure iron Sizeφ7.0-21.0
Pressed PartPressed partIron / Copper Precise press parts / Bracket etc
Plastic MoldingPlastic moldingBobbin connector type (Material:PPS)
Forging PartsCold foging parts
Tool/ConsumablesCutting tools, oils(Cutting Oil anti-rust)
PrototypeDevelopment of small amount cutting parts, pressed parts, plastic molding
Production Location VIETNAM / CHINA
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Purchasing Department



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System Equipment Business

Classification Purchasing Parts
Electrical Parts Control Equipment
Parts of control board
Electronic Parts Parts for board
Parts mounting on a Board
Metalworking Products
(Corresponding to the quick turn around)
a lathe
a milling machine
Deep hole processing
Crate Dressing crates (made article)
Plastic Products Dressing case
Processed goods
International procurement
(Chinese manufacturers)
Supplier who can supply machine part and electric parts to our affiliates(in China)in the local
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Precision Measuring Machinery Operation Control Department

2-24-1 Sobudai,Zama City,Kanagawa, 252-8570,JAPAN



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