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High Speed 3D Scanner RVL6540

High Speed 3D Scanner RVL6540

As a gauge manufacture, NidecTOSOK suggests well-balanced system on precision, function, operation, cost

A desktop all-in-one system

  • High-speed whole circumference scan
  • Able to proceed all together from scanning to STL data output, and colour variation display

No need of any arrangement, easy operation

  • No locating marker needed
  • No need of tripod or any arrangements.
  • Intuitive operation by GUI optimisation

Able to scan black objects.

  • One of the best scanning efficiency among the other laser system scanner
  • ScanningScanning
  • STL dataSTL data
Product outline
High-precision scanner based on JISB7441.

Major Spec

[1]Maximum permissible error : ±20µm(*1)
[2]Repeatability : 10µm(*2)
[3]Measurement range : Φ170 , height 40mm or Φ140 , height 110mm of cylindrical shape range
[4]Minimum dot data space : 0.02mm
[5]Data processing time from scanning to STL data output: approximately 10mins.
  • (*1)Based on JISB7441
  • (*2)Under the condition of NIDEC TOSOK std: temp. 20℃±1℃
  • (*3)In the case of work units size(L40*W40*H30), under the condition of NIDEC TOSOK std.
    Data processing time dmay vary depending on the work unit size and surface characteristics.

TOSOK technology

[1]High-precision 20µm (regulated measuement of distance)
  • Composition of scanned data based on a stage coordinates enables high-precision system
  • Based on JISB7441, it allows maximum permissible error of ±20µm
Ball bar for inspectionBall bar for inspection
[2]Original high rigidity driver system
  • With storng structure based on numerical analysis and high rigidity actuator, it enables precise locating
  • It excludes outer influence by base-isolation device
Actuator(rigdity analysis)Actuator(rigdity analysis) Actuator(picture)Actuator(picture)
[3]Original control system
  • Allows wide range of scanning area by using dual high-speed camera
  • With original high-speed image processing board,
    it is able to scan very quickly
High-speed image processing boardHigh-speed image processing board
Scanning object within Φ140mm with three surface composition >> approx 10mins.
Allows scanning+surface composition in 10 mins, and decrease working time on scanner
High Speed 3D Scanner contributes to make manufacturing process more efficient in various sitation.!
Maximum permissible error (JIS B 7441) ±20µm ±50µm
Repeatability 10µm20µm
Scan size Φ170mm*H40mm
Body size 620*424*598mm 652*485*618mm
PC CPU:Xeon(R) 2core CPU:Xeon(R) 2core
Display monitor 20inch 20inch
Power supply 100V~240V 100V~240V
Power consumption 300VA 300VA
Weight 60kg 66kg
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