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Control Valve Assy

Develop and Product in Integrated System

For years, TOSOK has been developing precision technologies for the production of gauges and the technologies supporting the systemization of the mechatronics parts, and we have a wealth of experience in jointly developing products with automobile manufactures and unit manufactures.
Based on these experiences (know-how), we are developing and manufacturing control valve assy that are equivalent to the heart of Automatic Transmission(AT) and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) .
Possible to provide control valve assy with high quality at competitive price by integrated system of production of solenoid valves and spool valves as a component of control valve.
TOSOK can satisfy sophisticated and various needs in the market.

  • Control Valve  Assy

  • Control Valve  Assy

  • Control Valve  Assy

Stepping Motor

Best choice for usage in oil

With superior oil resistance and contamination resistance, provides stable performance in the transmission where is severe environment with oil and high temperature. Stepping motor can apply to various linear actuator.

  • Stepping Motor

Basic Specs
Dimension(Outer Diameter x Length) 30mm x 113mm (Min)
Weight 170g
Thrust Characteristics Specs 10N or more (@20°C x 12V x 300PPS)
Stroke 23mm or more

Solenoid Valves

High reliability based on the performance over the years

TOSOK has a wealth of experience in jointly developing products with automobile manufactures and unit manufactures.
Based on these experiences, we are developing and manufacturing “Solenoid Valve” with high quality and reliability.
Our products can manage pilot control and direct control and it contributes to compactness as well as light weight of products.
Our engineering know-how which we gain in automotive industries can apply to the various scene and usage where flow control of oil, water and air are required.

  • Solenoid Valves

Product Lineup of Solenoid Valves
○Mass Production Models

Type 2Way 3Way
Duty -
On/Off -
: 2way
: 3way
Normally High (Max. pressure without current)
Normally Low (Min. pressure without current)

Application of Linear Solenoid valves

Spool Valves / Harness Module

Provide flexibility in high precision and high quality

TOSOK has been producing spool valves based on high-precision processing technology by integrated system of production from forming, finishing to polishing. For materials, both iron and aluminum are applicable.

  • Spool Valves / Harness Module

  • Spool Valves / Harness Module

Electric Oil Pump

Promote electric products for end dependence on fossil fuels

The Electric Oil Pump (EOP) of high efficiency, high accuracy and high reliability is provided by the collaboration of motor technology of NIDEC Co., Ltd and our in-vehicle technology.
Miniaturization is realized by adoption of integrated structure.
The durability is improved by adoption of the brushless motor. EOP can apply to transmission control pressure securing when engine shutdown on idol stop vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles and it also can use for cooling the driving motor on electric vehicles.

  • Electric Oil Pump

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