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Cylindrical bore internal surface inspection system TPI Series

Cylindrical bore internal surface inspection system TPI Series

Nidec TOSOK suggests the best solution as a measuring machinary and automobile parts manufacture.
Porosity, gouge, separation, burr and chip can be examined with high-precision and auto-inspection system.

Auto inspection - Cylindrical bore internal surface all area

> Improve inspection quality

Defect position recording function equipped

> Useful for die-cast productivity improvement 

Non-contact inspection

> No fear of giving scratch
Product outline
Cylindrical bore internal surface inspection system of TPI series automatically inspects porosity, gouge, separation, burr and chip on fabricated bore surface of die-cast product
Auto-inspection of whole area of cylindrical bore internal surface and records defect position
It does not give any scratches on the products when examining and helps to improve inspection, quality and productivity

Non-contact auto-inspection

it can inspect 0.2mm, which is limit size of visual inspection

Inspects porosity as well as flaw and burr

Quantitative inspection of
porosity size

quantitative size inspection from the judgement as pass/fail by visual inspection

Saves defect data

store image of defect data display

Analyses the data

specifies the occurence tendency of porosity→reviews the casting condition→improves the productivity

Suitable for traceability

Note: Since detectability depends on a roughness of the objects, details will be decided after the test work inspection.

Result display screen

Result display screen

Auto-inspection of flaw and burr in the porosity.

  • PorosityPorosity
  • GougeGouge
  • SeparationSeparation
  • BurrBurr
  • ChipChip

Judges detergent mark as pass.

  • Porosity
  • Detergent mark
1) Judges porosity as a defect and detergent mark as pass.
2) Designed bore is shown in green.
3) Red"+" on a display is a defect part.

Major Spec

  • Bore diameter : Φ6-60mm
  • Bore depth : Within 150mm
  • Resolution : Φ0.2mm
  • Scan speed : 15mm/sec
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