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Image Processing System

Focusing on High Speed Character,  Also available for collation

Image processing system of Nidec Tosok made it possible to inspect regarding as difficult until now, such as 360 degrees rotation compensation function inspection of the character position automatically and a circular arc character regard the inspection.
Moreover it has performance advantages in inspecting character thin-spot and ink splash simultaneously.
Moreover, there are inspection records collated with two lines of 20 characters in the bottom of can by 2,000 bottles/Min. Nidec Tosok also has flexible software that enable the collections the readable character(slanting ,zoomed/resized ,character, )to result as OK

Products Lineup

Image Processor RV9000

通用图像检查装置 RV9000

Developed for easy operation using Windows.

Example of Inspection application

Performance record in automobile Industry

  • Marking depth measurement
  • Character reorganization/error Inspection based on marking depth
  • Character lacking inspection
  • Rubbing image making
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