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Air / Electric Micrometer Products Lineup

NIDEC TOSOK transferred Air/Electric Gauge business to NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION on June 1, 2012.

Inside measuring head

PG8000 can measure for wide range, low air pressure and longer product life.

  • A solid carbine ball point is used to provide longer life.
  • Gauge head wear is minimized by providing a large clearance between the gage head and the work piece.
  • Even a work piece with a surface roughness of Ra 6 or more can be measured.


Product Name Features Drawings and product specification
(Electric Micrometer Inside Head)
Applying needle type (new).
  • - can avoid spoil a work piece due to lower measuring pressure (below 100g).
  • - can measure even a work piece with a surface roughness of 6 or more.
  • - can select size from φ2.98-φ270.
  • - can use as a part of machine (need to consult).
(Handy Micro HM4000)
  • Achieves the measurement of μm accuracy.
  • Integrated design of measuring head and display on compact body.
  • The cordless design achieved by adoption of rechargeable battery.
  • Equipped with master set function.
  • Equipped with measurement hold function.
  • Transfer measuring result data to PC with wireless.


From various type of analog and digital displays, the most suitable display for customers' requirement can be selected.

  • It can choose any type to suit inspection purpose.
  • The display view is LED type - easy to read.
  • All types are designed as compact size.


Product Name Features Drawings and product specification
(Electric Gage [CEG Series])
  • The 3-color color bar displays makes it easy to read measurement and judgment results.
  • The 8-digit alphanumeric display of measurement values and names makes operation easy.
  • Push buttons and external signals enable automatic performance of large scale and small scale master coordination.
  • Each model has a body width of 50mm , making then suited to multiple link-up.
  • Data output to the PC and printer is performed using the standard-equipment serial communication function.
  • Data saving, date processing and input to spreadsheet software (EXCEL, etc.) is possible.
  • By switching programs,10 types of settings, and saving and switching of master values can be done.
  • Options enable judgments, separation into rankings, BCD, and output of digital matching signals.
  • The new model provides much more compactness and lower cost.
  • A 2 channel or 4 channel electronic micrometer is installed inside a body of the same size.
  • With two or four detectors connected,3 items can be measured independently or using arithmetic calculation.
  • By pressing a switch, you can switch between 8 ranges in the full scale from 5μm to 1000 μm.
(Electric Micrometer[DEG 2000])
  • Push buttons and external signals enable automatic performance of large scale and small scale master coordination.
  • This is the most suitable for automatic measurement by output sign of judgement.
  • 2 channel electric micrometer is installed inside a body.
AE Transducer
(AE Series)
  • A/E Transducer is for converting minute air nozzle movement to electronic signals.
A/E Transducer Box
A/E Transducer Box
  • By combining the AE2000 with automatic measurement units such as the PEG2000 and PEG2100, the AE2000 can be included in a measurement device for precision parts.
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