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Ball Screw

Proud of accuracy and durability.

  • NIDEC TOSOK has started production of ball screws by exploiting precision technologies since beginning of the company.
  • It is highly appreciated by both domestic and overseas customers especially due to small diameter , more than C5 class range.

Ball Screw

Catalog Contents Drawings and product specification
Features PDF(537KB) PDF
Accuracy PDF(1.3MB) PDF
Notation of TOSOK Precision Ball Screws PDF(214KB) PDF
Design of Screw Shafts PDF(389KB) PDF
Design of Nuts PDF(710KB) PDF
Design for Accuracy PDF(861KB) PDF
Design of Rated Life PDF(814KB) PDF
Driving Torque PDF(695KB) PDF
Lubrication and Dust-proofing PDF(667KB) PDF
Ball screw and Nut etc PDF(21.5MB) PDF
Quality Assurance / Handling Precautions for Ball Screws / TOSOK Precision Ball Screw ordering information PDF(1.3MB) PDF


High accuracy, high rigidity and a large load capacity.

  • Integrated with TOSOK miniature ball screws (Φ4, lead 1).
  • Realize high thrust
  • Optimal for an alignment stage


Product NameFeaturesDrawings and product specification
Rod-style Actuator TR seriesTR is the linear actuator equipped with TOSOK's miniature ball screws.PDF(1.4MB) PDF
Single-axis Actuator TZ seriesTZ is a single axis actuator with high accuracy, high rigidity and a large load capacity.PDF(2.9MB) PDF

XY Stage

NIDEC TOSOK is proud of the product in terms of positioning accuracy, compact size and affordable pricing.

  • Apply TOSOK ball screws (long stroke and high precision.)
  • Compact size
  • Cost saving

XY Stage

Product NameFeaturesDrawings and product specification
TM seriesHigh quality and compact design by applying TOSOK's ball screws and high performed motors supplied from NIDEC group. PDF(1.5MB) PDF
TG seriesAvailable to customize using TZ type (single axis actuator) PDF(704KB) PDF



Is it available to apply for vacuum condition and clean room?


It is prepared to set with clean grease and vacuum grease.


Is it possible to nominate motor brand?


Yes! NIDEC TOSOK provide with the motors for customers spec. requirement.


Is it possible for surface treatment?


Yes, NIDEC TOSOK provide with various surface treatment such as.

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